I believe the final word of the Chairperson was, “We aren’t a booking agency. If they want to play here, they can rent a room!”  My first real taste Ke-mo sah-bee, that all is not well in the the Spirit World of Art, where many speak with a forked tongue when it comes to acknowledging the worth and artistry of the Singer/Songwriter. My reason for wanting to act as a liaison between the agent, the artist, and the venue.

Linn Promotions is willing to work hard at bringing and sustaining entertainment that is a step above to North Central West Virginia. We will do the legwork for the artist who might not be familiar with the area. Not only will we find the venue, but will provide an up to date media list, establish contacts, and if possible set up interviews for the artist and publicity agent. We will produce and sell tickets, hang posters, write press releases, whatever it takes to aid the artist in displaying his or her talents. It is not the intent to take the place of a good publicist, but to assist in what might be unfamiliar territory for the artist.


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